Indonesian Project Executive (March 2010)
Pauline from Indonesia joins as a Project Executive to better assist our client's projects in Indonesia and South East Asia .

English Transcript Editor  (Aug 2009)
Peter from England joins the team to ensure our clients receive excellent quality English transcripts, translations and project assistance, after first joining the market research industry 5 years ago in the UK.

Project Updates (Feb - Mar 2010)

Multi-Country Study
After recently completing a large B2B study across China and Japan, our client preferred to give the subsequent Hong Kong top-up interviews to us. This is another example of our multi-country capabilities across Asia (March 2010).

Medical Study in China
A difficult healthcare study of HSDD patients in China has just been completed. This is another example of our capabilities to interview healthcare patients in China on sensitive and personal topics (March 2010).

C-Level Exec Study
A difficult study of senior IT executives in companies generating over $2billion in revenue has just been completed in both Japan and Korea. This is one of the many C-level executive studies we complete every month (March 2010).

On 31 Dec 2008, Marcom company dinner to celebrating the 2009 New Year
Jenny and others (left), Chenshuning and others (middle), our Japan and Korean team (right)
Our sporty Beijing fieldworkers joined in a ski vacation tour organised by the company in winter 2008
NanShan Ski Village located near Miyun County, Beijing. Guess who was the winner of the championship?
Marcom fieldwork staff, Heidi and Angel, accompanied clients in an ethnographic research project conducted in May 2008

SurveySystem is added in our collection of CATI packages (Oct 2006)
To meet the need for mixed mode data collection need, SurveySystem has been licensed for CATI and Online surveys.

Fourth office open (May 2006)
We are pleased to announce our fourth offices was open in May 2006 to cope with the increase scope of Business. The office is located in Guangzhou city of Southern China.

Interactive online project briefing platform launced (Aug 2005)
In Aug, 2005, a dedicated Internet based communiction server has been installed so that questionnaire screen display can be viewed both by the client located overseas and our staff in China simultaneously during project briefing lectured over the phone. Both sides can use his/her mouse to pinpoint or write on the screen to emphasise important areas and direct focus of attention. In addition, the technology also allow Internet voice conference up to 5 persons simultaneously, during the screen sharing exercise. To try the service, advanced booking is needed. Please contact [email protected] for this free service to use in your next project.

The first specialised apparel panel launched (Jun 2006)
In June 2006, the first China apparel panel was launched in Beijing and Shanghai by Marcom as a continuous longitudinal panel using purchase diary as the data collection instrument.

Wincross added to our data cleaning and cross-tab tools (July 2005)
WinCross professional crosstabulation software was licensed in July 2005 to further speed up our data cleaning and stub and banner production.

QPS CATI software training by overseas expert (Mar 2005)
We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Phil Hearn, Director of MRDC Ltd coming to our Shanghai office from UK to offer professional training on the use of QPS software in CATI and tabulation on 3rd of March 2005.

Overseas Expansion Dec 2004
Thanks to the continued support of our clients, Marcom is pleased to announce the setup of a field office in Hong Kong, managed under Co. Ltd.

CATI Capacity Expanded Nov 2004
A second CATI room is added in our Shanghai office in Nov 2004, resulting a combined capacity of over 60 lines to support our CATI services.

Marcom introduces fault tolerant design in our online survey Jun 2004
Thank to our 3M broadband Internet connection with fixed IP installation in Shanghai, we are capable to offer co location online questionnaire hosting in both our Hong Kong and Shanghai web servers. This allows more flexibility in data backup, language selection and traffic control.

Marcom attends ESOMAR International Conference 2004
Jenny, our General Manager, will attend the ESOMAR International Conference 2004 to be held in Shanghai, China. The event provides the perfect opportunity to meet with key industry decision-makers on a worldwide and regional level. International research agencies are sincerely invited to come and meet us for relationship build-up. Please email to [email protected] further arrangement.

Access panel based CAWI comes to China at Marcom starting May 2004
CAWI involves having the respondent complete a questionnaire via the web at home or at work. Web interviews can either be placed on our own server or on that of the client. Our clients can choose to pre-recruitment of the respondents (by CATI at our facilities) or from our access panel of general consumers, direction of the respondents to the questionnaire to fill in, delivery of cleaned data to your office via email
Our online access panel system offers browser based panelist profile management, online gift catalogue, online bonus point redemption at record security level. Thank to our state of the art SQL Internet database technology, respondents can save partially completed questionnaires and retrieve them later to continue the survey. This is especially useful for long questionnaire and reduce non-response bias

Web based CATI ready at Marcom starting Aug 2003
With 40 CATI stations connected to Lan and Internet via broadband, Marcom facilities are perfect for any large scale mixed mode of CATI and web based CATI projects using client's portal or our server. For further info, please email to [email protected]

Marcom's presence in Guangzhou, one of the three largest cities in China (Jul 20, 2003)
Starting from July 2003, Miss Xu Zhao Jun has been appointed as our GZ full time supervisor to help to strengthen our fieldwork capability in the southern part of China. This also help to extend our CATI service to Hong Kong more cost effectively.

China First Daily Omnibus (Jun 28, 2003)
We are pleased to offer the first daily Omnibus survey in China. In the business world, time is money. For the first time,
research agency can check incidence anytime based on random sample quickly and affordably
marketers can track and forecast performance with more representative time series data and less influence of seasonality
media buyers and advertisers can obtain day-balanced ratings
you will not be told at the last minute your subscribed Omnibus has just been cancelled due to insufficient passengers
you buy as little or as much as question space as you require because this survey is open to more than one clients per questionnaire. You pay only for the sample size you actually get. Our CATI system automatically monitor the total and subgroup sample sizes you have subscribed, once achieved, we will stop asking your questions to save you cost.
  • Coverage: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
  • Target respondents: urban population aged 15+ in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cities
  • Sample size: daily sample size for the three cities in total is 50. Accumulative 3-city total sample sizes per week and per month are 350 and 1500 respectively. The longer you subscribe, the more accurate your result.
  • Data collection method: computer assisted telephone interview at our in-house CATI center
  • Sampling method: random RDD sampling
  • Deliverable: tabulation and/or cleaned Excel / SPSS data file
Email to [email protected] or call +86 10 65232914 to have your questions asked immediately. .

Additional DP headcount (Jun 2003)
In order to cope with the increase in business, one more DP executive is hired starting Jun. Our new DP executive is proficiency in Quantum, NIPO CATI and SPSS and Internet JAVA programming. His joining will certainly help to strengthen our DP and Internet survey capability.

Marcom's moderator goes overseas for a centralized project briefing (Feb 2003)
In Feb, Miss Pauline, our focus group moderator with 8 years of focus group moderating experience, was sent to Japan to attend a multinational project briefing. We are delighted to have this opportunity to serve our overseas client directly in her country.

SH office relocation and expansion (Aug 2002)
Our Shanghai office has just been relocated to a new office with larger space and expanded CATI facilities support. Starting from Mid Sept, we will have a total of 40 CATI stations in China. 20 stations are in Beijing and another 20 are in Shanghai. This will speed up our CATI data collection turnaround time and also lower our quote price for CATI projects conducted in Shanghai due to low long distance telephone cost.

Strategic Partners formed (Feb 2002)
We are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partner between Marcom-China Marketing Consultant Co. and MarketProbe Research Co. To better support MarketProbe, our strategic partner, Marcom will open a CATI showroom inside MarketProbe Shanghai's office in Feb 2002. Clients in Shanghai can visit our CATI showroom located at Hong Kong Plaza, Shanghai, China. Please send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment about your visit

New addition to our DP data mining tool - SPSS AnswerTree (Sep 2001)
Marcom started to use SPSS AnswerTree to find hidden relationship between variables and predict what factors influence the target variable (or called dependent variable) the most. Insightful and significant findings have been the privilege of the most professional and experiences researcher. Unfortunate, not every research agency can afford a large team of experienced researcher, resulting fluctuation of quality in data analysis and research finding capability. With the aid of data minding software such as AnswerTree, Marcom helps our research to find the business opportunities hidden in the data and traditional crosstab tables.
Marcom has added Snap Professional CATI version as our third CATI software starting Nov 2001 in addition to our existing CATI software packages, namely Nipo and WinCATI. These different tools give us maximum flexibility when implementing fieldwork and processing data.
For clients with frequent need to conduct multi-city or national surveys, they will be glad to know our capability to perform sample balancing (weighting by cities, sex, age etc for the same table when only marginal counts of these variables are known). This is important as most official demographics figures in China are reported in one dimension table only).

Office Expansion (Sep 2000)
Marcom relocation to a new and expanded office located in WangFuJin street, at the city centre.