Consumer Interviews

Marcom has the best team of multi-lingual interviewers to conduct company executive interviews across Asia in 4 languages, Chinese (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan), English, Japanese and Korean.  We have been offering B2B and company executive interviews since 1999 using CATI.

Marcom has 20 CATI stations in Beijing city and 40 in Shanghai city, making it the third largest CATI service provider in China in terms of B2B multi-lingual  interviews. 

Over 50% of our CATI projects conducted were multi-country projects covering China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore. Our CATI supervisors speak Mandarin, Hong Kong Cantonese, Korean, Japanese and Shanghai dialect.  Native speakers are hired for overseas interviews.  For stable quality, 4-6 permanent  full time interviewers are maintained in our Beijing and Shanghai offices respectively starting Apr 2003. If needed, we can program the CATI questionnaire in Hong Kong Cantonese characters which are different from Guangzhou Cantonese.

We use more than one CATI software packages to allow maximum flexibility in terms of timing, deliverables, quota and questionnaire routing and answer rotation complexity. Common used CATI software packages are QPS, Surveygizmo, WinCati. QPS is a professional CATI package with data export options to SPSS, Quantum, Triple S, ASCII, Excel and CSV formats. Surveygizmo is next generation CATI based on Web. 

All interviews are digitally recorded for quality control.  Clients can dial in any of our workstation to listen to the interviewing process from his/her office.