Awareness, Usage and Attitude Research

Studies of awareness, attitudes, and usage (AAU) enable marketers to quantify levels and trends in customer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and behaviors. In some companies, the results of these studies are called "tracking" data because they are used to track long-term changes in customer awareness, attitudes, and behaviors. AAU studies are most useful when their results are set against a clear comparator. This benchmark may comprise the data from prior periods, different markets, or competitors. 

To track trends in customer attitudes and behaviors. Awareness, attitudes, and usage (AAU) metrics relate closely to what has been called the Hierarchy of Effects. 

AAU metrics are generally designed to track these stages of knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors. AAU studies also may track "who" uses a brand or product––in which customers are defined by category usage (heavy/light), geography, demographics,  psychographics, media usage, and whether they purchase other products.

Awareness, attitudes, and usage studies feature a range of questions that aim to shed light on customers' relationships with a product or brand. For example, who are the acceptors and rejecters of the product? How do customers respond to a replay of advertising content?

Typical Questions

Typical Questions
Awareness and Knowledge
Have you heard of Brand X? What brand comes to mind when you think "luxury car?"
Beliefs and Intentions
Is Brand X for me? On a scale of 1 to 5, is Brand X for young people? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each brand?
Purchase Habits and Loyalty
Did you use Brand X this week? What brand did you last buy?
Uses and Benefits of AUU Study:

(i) Define your market structure

A&U studies give you critical information on your category, such as:
  • What is your market penetration?
  • How well known is your brand in your addressable market?
  • Who uses your product or service?
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?
  • Who are your key competitors?
  • What do consumers like/dislike about your product or service?

(ii) Identify success factors

Marcom helps you to uncover the specific attributes that help brands capture market share.  This help marketer to have better segmentation based on benefits:
Which product attributes are most important to consumers?
Which attributes correlate with purchasing?
Which brands “own”the attributes that drive purchasing?
How does your brand stack up?

(iii) Spotlight areas of opportunity

Only when you understand what the market is looking for can you confidently address key marketing issues, like whether your current positioning is on target and how you can adjust your strategy for future growth.

Advantages of Conducting an A&U with Marcom

We offer easy access to consumers and businesses through a wide range of data collection techniques including CATI, Online, CLT, Panel.

Our state of the art online tabulation system helps you to track and compare waves of data intuitively and professional.  Significant changes are automatically highlight with color at 95% or 99% confidence level.